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The Sport Trike has a built weight of approximately 350 kilograms making it one of the lightest trikes around with an overall geometry that gives it sports car or gokart type handling capabilities. A question that is often raised is why not put the engine in the front. The answer is in the design of the rear engined Porsches and Beetles. Beetles were used very successfully in gymkhanas and rally cross events, all assisted by the fact that the engine is mounted in the rear.

A Sport Trike Kit includes all the parts necessary for the builder to commence assembly immediately once the frame has been given its final coat of paint. The additional parts needed to get the Sport Trike to stand on its wheels would be a standard Volkswagen Beetle swing axle gearbox, wheels (motorcycle front and auto rear) and a choice of Volkswagen engines. It is suggested that you fit a standard 1600cc Beetle engine at first and then progress to something more powerful once you get used to your Sport Trike.

The Sport Trike can also be adapted for the use of an operator who has lost the use of his/her legs by fitting a hand dutch on the gear lever. This way you maintain the feel of a manual gearbox. The cost of the above modification, as well as the fitment of a hydraulically operated rear brake on the handlebars is determined on a cost plus basis and the buyer must specify his/her needs.

Complete Sport Trikes, ready to run, can be ordered but it is advisable that the intended owner specifies clearly his/her needs.

Sport Trikes also do other projects eg. AC Cobras, Kombi, Beetle and Porsche suspensions, exhaust systems, custom builds, rebuilds and completing of clients own projects.
The first trike built by designer, Deon Slabbert, is still running today.
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